Covid-19 Challenges

Since were all stuck at home because of the Covid-19 Stay at Home restrictions, Don Reuter thought it would be fun for the Club to have a photo challenge that can be done in or around our homes. All photos were uploaded to a main link on the Camera Club Facebook Group every day with the new challenge listed.

The rules were very simple:

1 - Post 1 photo as a Comment to this post that fits the daily category - this will keep them in one post and avoid pushing other important posts down the list. Add a caption or description if you want.

2 - Shoot the photo in or around your home

3 - Only new photos - Don't go through your old photos looking for something - Get up and shoot!

Based on the response and participation, we will decide how long to keep this running. For now, Don will post a new category/subject just about every evening for shooting the next day and he will also provide an example. Be creative and have fun!

It was decided to stop after 50 challenges. Things in our area were starting to open up more and people were beginning to get out more. 

Click here for a list of the 50 Covid-19 Challenge Topics

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